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Medieval Astrology

The Astrology of Typhoon Vinta

The Bi-wheel chart says it all. The transiting waxing Moon in Aquarius (Air sign) of the Capricorn Ingress chart squaring Mars in Scorpio and Jupiter in Scorpio (Water sign) of both the New Moon in Sagittarius Chart and Capricorn Ingress... Continue Reading →


On Saturn Return in Capricorn

Impending Saturn Return Saturn stationed direct last August 25 at 21 degrees Sagittarius and it is on it way to enter Capricorn this December. The Great Malefic, the Stern Taskmaster, the Grim Reaper, and the Hermit is at home in... Continue Reading →

Astrological Musings on why is Mother’s Day in May and Father’s day in June

Mother’s day as celebrated in May Mother’s day is celebrated when the Sun is transiting the Feminine Tropical sign of Taurus. During this period, it is mid-spring in the Northern Hemisphere; the weather generally is nurturing for life to thrive... Continue Reading →

Davao City, the City of Jupiter

Sun in Pisces, Moon in Sagittarius with domicile Lord of Luminaries is well dignified Jupiter in Sagittarius. Davao City Inception chart: Time Unknown Davao City’s inception chart has the Sun and Moon in the domiciles of Jupiter- the Sun in... Continue Reading →

Reflections on Mercury Retrograde

In about a day, Mercury will turn direct in the 28th degree of Sagittarius ending the late Mercury retrograde of 2016 and first of 2017. The 2016-2017 Mercury retrograde cycle is peculiar because normally Mercury Retrograde happens thrice a year;... Continue Reading →

The Ascendant and its Twin Sign

In Medieval astrology, the Ascendant and its Lord/Lady plays the most important role in interpreting charts. However, before the discovery of the Outer Planets, except for the Luminaries (The Sun and the Moon), each Planet rules two houses/signs in the... Continue Reading →

Electional Astrology Case Study: Erecting the Inception Chart in an Unfavorable period

Last year, I was informed by our boss at that we will have a company wide contract signing. Unfortunately, the astrological factors during that time were really bad. Knowing this, I asked our boss that I'll be signing on a... Continue Reading →

Venus and Mars: The Deities of Peace and War

Peace and War: Opposite as they may seem but they're inextricably linked. We will never know the calm of peace without going through the uncertainty of war. Likewise for Peace to ensue, we have to go through forms of warfare... Continue Reading →

Analogy of Retrograde Planets

As I was heading to the gym I suddenly remembered that I've left my wallet that's when I almost reached the place. The gym is 15 minutes from our house so I have to turn back and get the wallet.... Continue Reading →

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