Sun in Pisces, Moon in Sagittarius with domicile Lord of Luminaries is well dignified Jupiter in Sagittarius.

davao chart

Davao City Inception chart: Time Unknown

Davao City’s inception chart has the Sun and Moon in the domiciles of Jupiter- the Sun in Pisces and Moon in Sagittarius. Jupiter rules both Sagittarius (diurnal rulership) and Pisces (nocturnal rulership). It is known as the Great Benefic and is the planet of Expansion, Justice, Peace, Wealth, Nobility, and Spirituality. With the Sun and the Moon’s ruler Jupiter well dignified in Sagittarius, Davao City is a place of lofty ideals and aspirations of unity, justice, abundance, and peace were highly expressed by the common vision of the different founding tribes of the city.

The powerful influence of Jupiter on the luminaries indicates that Davao City is a mystical and spiritual metropolis that puts high emphasis in honoring and respecting the traditions of the various tribes. That is, it is a city that blends the modern with tradition. Pisces is the sign of dissolution of boundaries and unity. Sagittarius, on the other hand, is the sign of Religion, Philosophy, and Culture. With the two signs dominating the inception chart, it can be said that Davao City has ever since been the pothole of different cultures and beliefs, where differences are encouraged and merged for a greater purpose. In retrospect, the tribes of Davao region, Maguindanao, extending to the tribes of Agusan and even to as remote as Indonesia, meet at where Davao City presently is, to do their trade, and dialogue that pertains to matters of politics, and religion.

The ruler of the Luminaries, Jupiter positively connected to Venus through sextile in Aquarius, and trine Mars in Aries, as well as Jupiter in a superior square to Saturn, means that Davao is likely to benefit from this harmonious aspect. The influence might express itself as protection from natural disasters or the city is governed by lawful and benefic rulers/leaders. Also being abundant in natural resources is a manifestation of this benefic influence.The strong Mars connected to equally strong Jupiter will show that the city has a firm and strong principles concerning justice and this result to the effective implementation of the law as military and police are one of the city’s assets and are visible in the city’s implementation of the laws and its ordinance.

The influence of Mercury (Planet of communication) in Pisces (sign of subtleties, unity, spirituality, and compassion) in Jupiter’s domicile adding to that the reception by Ruler- Exaltation of Saturn in Pisces and Venus in Aquarius, expresses the city’s desire for unity and dialogue through subtle forms of expressions such as festivals, arts, and music. Celebrations such as the Kadayawan and Araw ng Dabaw are avenues of diplomatic talks between the tribes and of the city’s welfare in general.

Before Davao City, as it is today, Davao City includes what are now Davao del Sur, Davao del Norte, Davao Oriental and the newly established Davao Occidental. The large size of the city is indicative of Jupiter’s influence. The natal chart has Jupiter and the Moon in Sagittarius squaring Sun and Saturn in Pisces, this indicates the vast territory Davao City once had but with the difficult aspect of the Jupiter and the Moon with Saturn and the Sun, governance of the large city was very difficult. In addition, the lack of earth element in the chart would also indicate problems concerning the land and manage the resources. Since Mars (Planet of War and Violence) is connected to Jupiter, the issues concerning the hard aspect of the Jupiter-Moon and Saturn-Sun escalates to violence and was most likely the way to settle disputes. The result of this turmoil leads to the realization that the large territory (Jupiter) Davao once had should be divided and limited (Saturn) for effective governance (Sun) and for peace and security (Jupiter-Moon connected to Venus by sextile).

The aspects of Jupiter and Saturn has a profound connection with the development of events in the city as it echoes Jupiter-Saturn square in the city’s inception chart. The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Capricorn and Aquarius that occurred in between the year 1960-1962 seeded the realization that the city is too large to be centrally governed thus when the city had its first Saturn return when Saturn entered Pisces in between 1965 and 1967 and activated the squares or the stress points, the city was divided into the regions aforementioned. The Jupiter-Saturn square in Sagittarius and Pisces in 1994-1995 made another milestone as the city reached a population of over 1 million. Recently, the 2016 Solar and Lunar eclipse in the Virgo-Pisces Axis with the Jupiter in Virgo square Saturn in Sagittarius and the Saturn and Mars conjunction in Sagittarius triggered events such as the Roxas bombing and resurgence of the Communist rebels.

The upcoming Saturn-Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius by 2020 will be another significant turning point to our beloved city. Unlike the inception chart of which Jupiter dominates, Saturn this time is stronger because the conjunction will happen in its own sign of Aquarius. This might mean limitations, restrictions, or discipline but Davao City exercises discipline already so whatever disciplining that Saturn dishes out to Davaoenos will be manageable. On the other hand, the progressive sign of Aquarius points to a more humane, industrialized, advanced, and modern Davao City.

It is indeed fortunate to have Jupiter as the strongest planet in our city’s establishment. Even though the time of the inception is unknown as of this moment one can feel Planet Jupiter’s beneficence in our city. Hopefully, this positive effect continues and pave to more constructive changes to our beloved city.