In about a day, Mercury will turn direct in the 28th degree of Sagittarius ending the late Mercury retrograde of 2016 and first of 2017. The 2016-2017 Mercury retrograde cycle is peculiar because normally Mercury Retrograde happens thrice a year; but in this cycle, it occurs four times a year. Mercury retrograded in 15 degrees Capricorn conjunct Pluto and re-entered Sagittarius. This retrograde is eventful as there’s a change in signs so there is a lot of issues that needs to re-addressed.

Mercury stationed retrograde in Capricorn last December 19 and it conjunct Pluto. Mercury-Pluto conjunctions signify intensity of communication and capacity to delve deeper into the heart of the matter often exposing things long buried. On a personal level, the period is good for digging what motivates us, knowing the motives of others, and reflect on how we deal with the crisis. Pluto the Planet of the Underworld exposes the not so nice things, things that make us cringe and evoke an intense emotional response. In the sign of Capricorn, issues in the Mundane level that will be exposed relates to the government, business, and the economy. On a personal scale, this will open our issues to authority figures and anybody who manages and leads us. Also, we are called to separate the wheat from the chafe- re-assess, check our facts and check where we got it.

Mercury continues to retrograde and enter the sign of its detriment in Sagittarius. It will be in the Face or Decanate of Saturn with Saturn transiting in the same decanate. In Traditional Astrology, Mercury with Saturn is often associated with deceit, slander or libel, and trickery, with Mercury retrograde and him in his detriment the associations mentioned, will be highlighted. With Sagittarius being ruled by the great benefic Jupiter, this can also be seen as the false appearance of benevolence and rampant hypocrisy.  The mundane signification of this transit shows mainly on politics and religion as these are significations ruled by Jupiter. On nativities, this makes us question our values, faith, and communication with those who are in positions of power and authority, especially with the religious people but still it depend on what Astrological house Sagittarius signifies.

Personally, the effect of this had on me is that I am more reflective but extremely keen of my surroundings. I am able to review where my life is going and it made me examine my spiritual beliefs. Since Mercury is in Sagittarius, I am very sensitive to injustices. With Mercury retrograding my Twelfth Whole sign house, I often keep my silence and reluctant to express my opinion.

In the Mundane level, the propensity to determine “fakes” is predominant as shown by the witch-like hunt to fake news. The Mercury-Pluto aspect in Capricorn prompts us to probe and examine the facts and question the motives of authority figures. In addition to that Mercury in Sagittarius, as the sign that values truthfulness to the point of tactlessness intensifies this probe to search what is true and real. Extreme idealism will fuel this search for the truth. Likewise, Sagittarius being a double bodied sign, this extreme idealism can also be used to manipulate and fool.

2017 as most Astrologers will say is a sequel to 2016. From eclipses to intense T-squares or hard aspects of the traditional and outer planets, 2017 is no doubt another year to brace ourselves to twists and turns. Like Mercury, what is demanded of us is to be flexible and be adaptable to the changing circumstances.