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November 2016

The Ascendant and its Twin Sign

In Medieval astrology, the Ascendant and its Lord/Lady plays the most important role in interpreting charts. However, before the discovery of the Outer Planets, except for the Luminaries (The Sun and the Moon), each Planet rules two houses/signs in the... Continue Reading →


Hanging in the Balance

The Classical Astrologer


I think that by now the vision of an Aquarian Utopia populated by highly evolved, spiritualized beings devoted solely to the perfection of humanity has very little currency outside the lunatic fringe. At least I wish that were the case. The fact is, the idea has been marketed very successfully. If you can get a population to believe such things, they are very easy to control.

The illusion of progress makes real progress all but impossible to achieve. If you don’t realize there is a problem, there is no motivation to solve it. There are of course highly evolved and spiritualized beings here on Earth. There always has been. Humanity didn’t need to wait for Saturn.

This is likely to be the last article in a series regarding the nature of the Aquarian Age. The series of articles have been in large part a response to Robert Zoller whose views are notably dystopian.  I’m…

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Sun’s Libra ingress and 2016 U.S. presidential election

Electional Astrology Case Study: Erecting the Inception Chart in an Unfavorable period

Last year, I was informed by our boss at that we will have a company wide contract signing. Unfortunately, the astrological factors during that time were really bad. Knowing this, I asked our boss that I'll be signing on a... Continue Reading →

Interpreting Reception: The Symmetrical and Complementary Relationship of Planets

I was reading Jay Haley's book Strategies of Psychotherapy and the terms Complimentary and Symmetrical Relationship are predominantly used. As I was reading it, the concept of Reception came to my mind. Reception according to Masha'allah from Benjamin Dykes' book Works... Continue Reading →

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