Medieval Astrologers give high regard to the Planets’ Essential dignities. From Mundane to Horary Astrology, Essential dignities hold significant weight in judging the chart to accurately delineate interpretations, predictions and choose an auspicious time to start an activity. Medieval Astrologers points out that good aspects like Trine and Sextile does not guarantee a good outcome if the planets involved in the aspect is without reception and is in poor condition. This holds true especially for the Moon and Planets as applied in Horary charts.

According to Guido Bonatti, one of the considerations that one looks onto in judging a Horary chart is the condition of the Moon and its dispositor. He discussed that if the Moon is in his own house or exaltation and is applying an aspect or transferring light to the planet signifying the matter asked then the querent would certainly get what he or she is asking for. However, if the Moon is in her detriment or fall or applying to a planet in which she is in detriment or fall, the matter asked is denied or impeded.

Last August 15, 2016 my cousin asked if she will pass the Visa interview. The querent asked through Facebook. I’ve read the message by 9:04 am. Below is the case showing the importance of Essential dignity and the condition of the Moon.


In this question, the things that we have to consider are the Ascendant and its Lady, the Moon and it’s Lord and Tenth House and its Lord. We refer to the Tenth House because she is being interviewed by a person in power.


The Ascendant is at 16 degrees Libra and its Lady Venus in the Eleventh House in her Fall but the impediment is alleviated by having Triplicity and Term rulership in Virgo. Venus is in the 11th House, a good house, so we can assign the Ascendant as significator of the Querent. The person who’s asking is my female cousin who is a physician so I think there’s some radicality on it so it was safe to judge the chart.

Moon and the Tenth House

The Moon signifies the matter sought as it is also the Lady of the Tenth. Moon is not void of course and Fast. She is at 11 degrees Capricorn and in the 3rd House indicating Travels or Journeys. My cousin was in another city for the interview. The last planet the Moon separated is the Sun in Leo and it is interesting that my cousin has Leo Rising on the natal chart.

Moon in detriment is applying a trine to Venus, Lady of the Ascendant in Virgo also in fall. This probably means that the Visa interview is very important for her. Moon’s dispositor Saturn is peregrine and conjunct Fixed star Antares. Mars is also applying to Saturn; this corrupts the dispositor- Saturn.The Moon is not received by its dispositor Saturn and it is averse to the Moon. Venus who is the Lady of the Ascendant separated from Saturn.

There’s no planet in the Tenth House. Lord of the Tenth is in the Third House that is cadent and in detriment.


With these considerations it can be interpreted as having a pleasant interview at the start (Moon in detriment applying a trine to Venus in Fall in Virgo) but in the end she will not be getting what she wants (Lady of the Tenth and dispositor has no reception).The matter the querent is seeking will be denied.

Outcome of Interview

My cousin failed the interview. As verbalized by my cousin, the interview started good and pleasant but there were questions that were difficult to answer so she and her brother failed the Visa interview.

Benefic aspects does not guarantee a positive outcome. It can be likened to two people who’s friendly to each other but there is no common goal or trait in between them thus remain as acquaintance and will not help when the times are difficult. The case above showed a concrete example that Essential dignities should be carefully considered when working with charts.