Peace and War: Opposite as they may seem but they’re inextricably linked. We will never know the calm of peace without going through the uncertainty of war. Likewise for Peace to ensue, we have to go through forms of warfare to reach a certain agreement. In the sky, two planets hold the virtues of peace and war and that is Venus and Mars.

Venus and Mars rule astrological houses which are opposite to each other. Venus rules Taurus and Libra opposite Mars’ house which is Scorpio and Aries. Venus is the planet of love, lust, beauty, peace, harmony, luxury and pleasure. Mars on the other hand rules hatred, aggression, impulsiveness, warfare, courage, blood and pain. The significations of the two planets apparently are opposite each other but if one looks closely they have a lot of things in common albeit a different expression.

Mars in Aries and Venus in Taurus

If there is one word that can sum up the similarities of Mars in Aries and Venus in Taurus the word is “Instinctual”.

Mars in Aries is pure aggression the fire untamed that spreads to create an uncontrollable forest fire. He signifies the instinct to strike back when we are threatened. He is fond of bloodshed. He is abrasive and rough. He jumps in without thinking and the fire runs out as time goes by.

Venus in Taurus on the other hand is our instinct for immediate gratification and unrestrained pleasure. Venus here seduces to appreciate and enjoy the physical and the material. She is aware of the needs of the body and she knows well when to use it.

Venus in Libra and Mars in Scorpio

“Strategic” is the battle cry of Venus in Libra and Mars in Scorpio.

Venus in Libra is the intellectual master courtier that aims its guile and charms to achieve whatever pursuit she is after. Her charm is calculating, unfeeling, and impersonal. This charismatic diplomat is sweet but packs a punch and is substantial. It is the iron fist underneath the velvet glove. Half of the war is won by the word without a single blood shed. She is the masterful and artistic negotiator.

Mars in Scorpio on the other hand is the disciplined soldier. Courageous in battle yet he always keeps a cool head. Calculating, he knows when to fight and when to retreat. He is patient and alluring. He knows what he wants when he wage war and knows when to stop when he gets it. Mars in Scorpio does not compromise and is extremely focused. He knows what make his enemies tick. The master of both physical and psychological warfare, his enemies shudder and run away without him doing anything.

Mars and Venus: A Balancing act

Mars in Aries and Venus in Libra: Venus in Libra softens the rough edges of Mars in Aries and teaches him to communicate and negotiate first before being confrontational. Mars in Aries on the other hand makes Venus in Libra decide to take a certain course of action and reminds her that  it’s time to tip the scales.

Venus in Taurus and Mars in Scorpio: Mars in Scorpio teaches Venus in Taurus to rise up, fight for oneself and not to rely on others. He also encourages to delay gratification and use the energy constructively. Venus in Taurus tells Mars in Scorpio to relax and indulge. Venus in Taurus tells Mars in Scorpio “What’s all in this war if you don’t enjoy the spoils, right?”.

Both Mars and Venus is a dichotomy in itself and this makes the pair more interesting. The dichotomy of the planets tell of how the significations that they have come about. Venus’s shadow probably tells us that before she got that peace and luxury she went through the battlefield of wits, charm, and her fair share of hard work. Mars’secret on the other hand probably tells us of his desire of peace and his way of reaching that ideal. He is restless in that pursuit and will not stop until he realizes it.