As I was heading to the gym I suddenly remembered that I’ve left my wallet that’s when I almost reached the place. The gym is 15 minutes from our house so I have to turn back and get the wallet. While I was turning back, the idea of how Planetary Retrogrades are came to my mind.

The Retrograde motion is the apparent backward motion of the planet. To make it simple, Earth simply passes by the planet of which can be compared when riding a car. When we’re riding a car, we see a truck whose moving faster and is ahead of us; however when the car moves past the truck as we look at it the truck appears to be moving backwards.

The Modern interpretation of retrograde planets is that the energy of the planet is turned inward thus introverted and more prone to introspection. In Horary and Election Astrology, the significator in retrograde or any planet applying to a retrograde implies delay and denial of the matter asked and outcome desired. In Nativities, planets in retrograde represent an impediments of the matters of the houses of which the planet rules.

Remembering that I forgot something can be related to the first station of the planet which is called “Stationing Retrograde”. When I remembered that I’ve forgotten my wallet at home I stopped walking and was still, deciding if I would move forward or go back to get the wallet. The decision to turn back was tough as I felt pissed for not remembering but I don’t really have a choice because my ID was there which is needed for me to have access the gym’s facilities.

A planet stationing retrograde can be interpreted like this, the stationing or the stillness of motion represents the planets pondering and the frustration. This slowness of motion post stationing retrograde can be likened to me walking back home feeling exhausted to get the wallet at the same time whining and complaining of how foolish I am.

When I’ve reached home, I’ve searched for the wallet and gotten it and is ready to leave the house again. This can be likened to the what’s called as “Stationing Direct”. I’ve felt energized getting the wallet and is looking forward in reaching the gym and have my routine exercise. Planets stationing direct becomes powerful and energized like a person getting excited and optimistic after getting the thing he desired after one has to go through all the delay and frustration .

Retrograde period is a time of delays and frustration this impediment depends on the nature of the planet going retrograde and the significations of the house it rules. On the other hand, a planet in retrograde tells us of what aspect in our lives that we need to re-assess, pause, reflect, and an opportunity for us to rest. Whenever we are affected by a retrograde planet, all we have to do is breath deep and condition ourselves that the sky is conspiring to fine tune our decisions by giving us a chance to review our options.