Jupiter is the planet that signifies abundance, wealth, prosperity, peace, and justice. He also signifies the noble, wise, and the religious/spiritual people. When he is well dignified, well placed and unafflicted he provides these things with ease. However, in spite of being regarded as the Great Benefic, when he’s debilitated it’s a different story.

gasgiantsJupiter entered Virgo in August 11, 2015 and exited the sign last September 9. In Virgo, Jupiter is in detriment meaning he is not in good shape. A planet in detriment would not be able to dispense the fortune it promises and the bad qualities associated with it emerges.

Aside from him being in Virgo, Jupiter was conjunct the North Node and aspecting Saturn in Sagittarius by a superior square. Albeit Jupiter receiving Saturn, Saturn did not receive Jupiter. Saturn is naturally a malefic planet and he is peregrine in Sagittarius. Naturally when Jupiter applies to Saturn with a superior square, Saturn’s malice is inhibited from doing further harm.

However in this case, Jupiter is in detriment thus weak. Since Jupiter receives Saturn, it accepts it as its house guest and provides him the things he signify which is expansion or increase on the other hand Saturn won’t be returning this favor. With him not being able to monitor and restrain him (through square) because he himself is corrupted and apathetic, this signification will be transmitted to Saturn who is not only happy with where he is but also with the significations he’s receiving from Jupiter. Saturn thus runs amok in one of Jupiter’s house thus increasing his malice and encouraging Jupiter’s excess and wastefulness.

The North Node conjunct a debilitated Jupiter square Saturn increases the affliction. North Node has the nature of Jupiter and Venus. It increases the good when conjunct the benefics and as well as increase the evil of the malefics. Jupiter in detriment conjunct the North Node increases his bad qualities. This was made worse with the Eclipses aspecting Jupiter and Saturn. With the lights being blocked, made this transit very dark, full of sorrows, and hatred instead.

I have personally witnessed the effect of this transit. Being ruled by Saturn, I had gained a lot weight as I was eating a lot. My weight was also fluctuating losing a lot of weight one moment and gaining the next. Disciplining was really hard. My budget was out of balance as there were unexpected expenses.

I saw that during this transit kind and generous people are often abused and treated with contempt. People they have helped become ingrates. Pride runs high. Liars and the crooks are bolder and persuasive. The Justice system is ineffective. Evil was favored and rewarded.

Jupiter’s recent transit in Virgo this year was really the worse. Though there’s a lot of factors that made it that virulent. Jupiter our hero- defender of the oppressed, and the marginalized, upholder of justice and dispenser of blessings fell and became the villain we never expect. As they say, even the best fall down sometimes and Jupiter isn’t an exception.