Saturn kronosis known traditionally as the “Great Malefic”. He signifies sorrows, solitariness, limitations, betrayals, coldness, darkness, endings and death. Saturn is indeed a scary planet but when it is dignified and in a good condition he is said to lighten up and dispense his fortunes according to the ways he know.

Dealing with Saturn is never an easy task. He can see through all the BS- wise and experienced as he is.

Albeit being known as the Great Infortune, Saturn can be a benefic that is he can be your greatest friend, ally, guide, and teacher if you prove your worth to him.

Saturn as a Friend and Ally

Saturn as a friend is like having a friend who is very silent and unassuming. You would not hear him whine, complain and demand attention. He is solitary and inexpressive of emotions towards your friendship. He minds his own business and he never interferes with yours as well.You will be wondering if he is really your friend.

He is your ever reliable and responsible friend in times of trouble. The adage “A friend in need is a friend indeed.” applies to him. Steadfast in difficulties. He is always there when the times are tough.

He is the realistic friend that tells how and what it is. He is not into fancy and flattery.

His calm is reassuring and comforting in that you will sense that everything will be okay. He is the friend that remembers kindness and pays back the kindness shown million fold.

Saturn as Guide and Mentor

Saturn as a guide and mentor is like the strict teacher that demands you to follow the instructions and rules to the T. Cold and harsh in his ways he is the teacher that you dread.

He is the teacher that makes sure you remember the lessons. His advise and lessons are tough to swallow and often requires diligence, discipline, patience, and perseverance to follow. There is no cutting of corners with him.

“Do it the hard way!” he says.

He puts pressure on his students as he believes that fire and friction makes the Gem shine brighter and valuable. He’s the fair teacher making sure that everything adds up and get what you deserve. Excellent is excellent but failure is a failure. He does not compromise.

He hates trouble makers and makes sure that person causing trouble accountable- Saturn is the Planet of Karma by the way. He makes lists- he knows who’s naughty and nice.


Saturn’s beneficence will be apparent if he is in one of his home signs: Capricorn (Nocturnal Home) and Aquarius (Diurnal Home) and its exaltation in Libra. Least as Day time Triplicity ruler in Gemini.

In these signs, Saturn is fairly easy to talk and ask for favors.

Saturn’s evil is reduced in diurnal charts and his good is enhanced when he is dignified, in the correct sect and in a good house.

However, Saturn’s beneficence if one looks at it is not as generous and kind as Jupiter’s and sweet and comforting as Venus’. Saturn’s loving is tough.

Saturn is in for the long haul and he knows what’s hard is worth doing.

With what was explained, Saturn dispenses his gifts through adversity. The medicine might be bitter but it’s for your own good!