“Fate is like a strange, unpopular restaurant filled with odd little waiters who bring you things you never asked for and don’t always like.” -Lemony Snicket

It was a rainy August that my classmate brought a Linda Goodman sun sign book in our class. As she was reading it, it picked up the interest of some of my classmates. They were discussing the characteristics of their sun signs and were laughing at the silly traits that they relate with.

One of them asked me what is my sun sign. So I replied sheepishly and unsure ‘I don’t know, Sagittarius perhaps?”.

That time I find believing in Astrology as foolish. I was obsessed with Science and anything “unscientific” causes me to hiss and dismiss it as rubbish.

Since I have never bothered looking in to horoscopes, I always had thought of my sun sign as Sagittarius not until I was stand corrected by a close friend who happens to be Sagittarius. True to my friend’s Sun sign, he corrected me bluntly.

“Now I know I’m a Capricorn!” I said to my self.

I was thinking back then that since both of us were December born we probably have the same Sun sign.

This evbookmarkent seeded my interest in Astrology.

The outcome of knowing my true Sun sign made me curious of what Capricorn is all about. Since I don’t have an easy access to the internet that time, I decided to find something that can quench the curiosity.

One day as I was buying school supplies, I happen to pass by the bookmarks section of the store. There I found a Capricorn bookmark that describes the personality traits born under the sign of Capricorn.
As I was reading the bookmark I have felt a strong connection with my Sun sign. The positive traits did flatter me as well as related with the negative traits. However, it did not stop there.

One of the reason that made the interest from a spark of curiosity to a forest fire of wanting know is because I wanted to know myself better. With this, whenever I visit internet cafes I always look up and read more articles describing my Sun sign.

It reached to a point that I’ve almost exhausted every Capricorn article there is in the internet up until I’ve brushed up an article discussing of the Moon sign and Rising sign.

I’ve Googled up how to find the Rising Sign and Moon sign and found the Astrolabe site. The birth chart calculator taught me that there is much more to the Sun sign and that’s where I realized that Sun sign is not Astrology.

As I study Astrology, my world began to expand and it opened me to the things of which I thought would not interest me and brought me wisdom that changed my whole life.