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October 2016

Case Study: Essential Dignity in Horary Astrology

Medieval Astrologers give high regard to the Planets' Essential dignities. From Mundane to Horary Astrology, Essential dignities hold significant weight in judging the chart to accurately delineate interpretations, predictions and choose an auspicious time to start an activity. Medieval Astrologers... Continue Reading →


Venus and Mars: The Deities of Peace and War

Peace and War: Opposite as they may seem but they're inextricably linked. We will never know the calm of peace without going through the uncertainty of war. Likewise for Peace to ensue, we have to go through forms of warfare... Continue Reading →

Myer-Briggs Temperament Indicator and the Seven Classical Planet’s Essential Dignities

Saturn (Melancholic)- INTJ and ISTJ (Saturn in Capricorn), INFJ and ISFJ (Saturn in Libra or Saturn in Aquarius) Jupiter (Sanguine)- ENFJ and ENFP (Jupiter in Sagittarius); INFP and INFJ (Jupiter in Pisces or Jupiter in Cancer) Mars (Choleric)- ESTJ and ENTJ... Continue Reading →

Analogy of Retrograde Planets

As I was heading to the gym I suddenly remembered that I've left my wallet that's when I almost reached the place. The gym is 15 minutes from our house so I have to turn back and get the wallet.... Continue Reading →

Vilifying Jupiter

  Jupiter is the planet that signifies abundance, wealth, prosperity, peace, and justice. He also signifies the noble, wise, and the religious/spiritual people. When he is well dignified, well placed and unafflicted he provides these things with ease. However, in spite... Continue Reading →

On Saturn as Benefic

Saturn is known traditionally as the "Great Malefic". He signifies sorrows, solitariness, limitations, betrayals, coldness, darkness, endings and death. Saturn is indeed a scary planet but when it is dignified and in a good condition he is said to lighten... Continue Reading →

Natal Sun, Moon, and the Ascendant in the eyes of Modern and Medieval Astrologers

Reading the personality description of one's Sun sign is flattering and entertaining. The downright descriptions boosts our confidence because we possess this positive trait just exclusive to our own Sun sign (just so we think). The awareness of the not... Continue Reading →

How I got into Astrology

“Fate is like a strange, unpopular restaurant filled with odd little waiters who bring you things you never asked for and don't always like.” -Lemony Snicket It was a rainy August that my classmate brought a Linda Goodman sun sign... Continue Reading →

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