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The curious case of “not-reception”

Anthony Louis - Astrology & Tarot Blog

Astrologers love to talk about how one planet receives another in one of its dignities, including the wonderful situation of mutual reception in which each planet occupies a major dignity of the other, for example, Venus in Cancer (ruled by the Moon) and the Moon in Taurus (ruled by Venus).

Curiously, the 9th century astrologer Sahl ibn Bishr al-Israili, often known as Zahel or Zael, utilized what he called “not-receptions” in his work. Lilly studied Sahl and incorporated many of his horary principles into Christian Astrology (1647).

What did Sahl mean by a not-reception? In his translation of Sahl’s text (Introduct. §5.9), Ben Dykes cites the following example.  Suppose the Moon lies in Aries, which is the sign of “fall” or “descension” of Saturn, and furthermore that the Moon is applying to an aspect with Saturn but Saturn is not receiving the Moon in any of Saturn’s…

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On Saturn Return in Capricorn

Impending Saturn Return Saturn stationed direct last August 25 at 21 degrees Sagittarius and it is on it way to enter Capricorn this December. The Great Malefic, the Stern Taskmaster, the Grim Reaper, and the Hermit is at home in... Continue Reading →

Astrological Musings on why is Mother’s Day in May and Father’s day in June

Mother’s day as celebrated in May Mother’s day is celebrated when the Sun is transiting the Feminine Tropical sign of Taurus. During this period, it is mid-spring in the Northern Hemisphere; the weather generally is nurturing for life to thrive... Continue Reading →

On the Existence of Fate

Let's admit it, we shiver when we hear the word "Fate". Many of us like to see ourselves controlling our own destinies, the captain of our own ship, the maker of our own fortune yet most often, we are surprised... Continue Reading →

Modern muddleheadedness about ‘natural’ rulers of the astrological houses

Anthony Louis - Astrology & Tarot Blog

I have a few pet peeves about astrology that center mostly on the sloppy use of language rooted in a lack of awareness of the history of the art.  Pick up almost any modern text and you will likely read distortions and misunderstandings of the historical traditions of astrology, as if our past was irrelevant in the present.  One glaring example is the inaccurate use of the term ‘peregrine’ by the Tyl school of modern astrology, as if two thousand years of history and tradition do not matter.

Even  more egregious than the misuse of ‘peregrine’ is such incessantly repeated nonsense as “Mars is the ‘natural’ ruler of the 1st house, Venus of the 2nd, Mercury of the 3rd, Moon of the 4th,” and so on around the wheel — the so-called ’12 letter alphabet’ of astrology popularized by the late Zip Dobbins.  This oversimplified approach equates houses, signs and…

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Culpeper with Whole Sign Houses

Anthony Louis - Astrology & Tarot Blog

I thought it would be interesting to look at a classical medical horary from Nicholas Culpeper with Whole Sign rather than Regiomontanus houses.  On 25 July 1651 OS (3 August 1651 NS), Culpeper received a letter from a student of medicine and astrology asking his opinion of the following chart.

Culpeper horary2

The chart was a medical horary cast regarding the illness of a neighbor’s wife.  The symptoms had begun in the lower parts of her body and had spread upward as far as her tongue and lips. The woman was afraid she had been cursed and wanted to know the nature of her illness. The student noticed that Libra was on the cusp of both the 1st (the querent’s body) and the 12th (witchcraft), but he also noted that the ruler of the 6th of disease (Mars) was in the 1st, so a natural disease was more likely.

Culpeper responded that…

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Davao City, the City of Jupiter

Sun in Pisces, Moon in Sagittarius with domicile Lord of Luminaries is well dignified Jupiter in Sagittarius. Davao City Inception chart: Time Unknown Davao City’s inception chart has the Sun and Moon in the domiciles of Jupiter- the Sun in... Continue Reading →

The American Presidential Election and why we wouldn’t make a Prediction on the outcome using birth times of the Candidates.

International Society of Classical Astrologers

It seems a day hasn’t passed since the start of 2016 when there hasn’t been some news coverage regarding either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, other than the time taken up with the Brexit outcome here in the UK.

Things on the Internet are now starting to heat up especially since the first head to head between Trump and Clinton on the 26th September.

Friendships have been lost either personally, or on Facebook over outcomes. Words are hurled over the Internet about others astrological takes on the outcome and, at times, it seems as though the small astrological community is at war with itself. (As we can see in the Libra Ingress chart a microcosm/reflection of the state of the nation)

Much of the animosity and finger wagging centres primarily on that most vexatious issue of unknown, or verified birth times for Hillary Clinton where times range from 8:02…

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The Foundation of Baghdad — Tropical versus Sidereal

Anthony Louis - Astrology & Tarot Blog

According to James Holden, the city of Baghdad was founded according the the principles of electional astrology to place the greater benefic Jupiter close to the Ascendant at approximately 2:40 PM LMT:

“...the 11th century astronomer/astrologer/scholar al-Bîrûnî has preserved the foundation chart of the city of Baghad.  The Caliph al-Mansûr (c.679-777) desired to build a new capital city.  He told his court astrologer, Nawbakht the Persian (c.679-777), to select a favorable time to begin construction. Nawbakht, with the assistance of the young Mâshâ’allâh (c.740-c.815) and other prominent astrologers of the time, selected the early afternoon of 4 Jumada I 145 A.H., which is equivalent to Saturday 31 July 762 in the Julian calendar.”

I have no idea whether 4 Jumada I 145 A.H. is accurately converted to July 31, 762 Julian.  Holden presents a chart in the tropical zodiac with Mars in early Gemini mutually…

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